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Strommontazh Enterprise carries all the works related to the construction of base stations, preparation of construction sites, the design, manufacture and installation of tower structures, supports, masts and metal structures for various purposes.

List of works


The list of works carried out by the company includes:

• pre-surveys, geodetic and geological studies, the choice of sites for base stations, including the conclusion of lease contracts;

• the design, coordination and approval of project documentation

• installation of foundations for the construction of radio objects

• manufacture and installation of technological containers for telecommunications equipment;

• construction of tower structures, towers, masts up to 45m;

• Construction of the controllers and switches for mobile communications (including adaptations of buildings and installation of engineering systems – fire, air conditioning, ventilation, electrical, automation);

The company has extensive experience of commissioning communication facilities to different supervisory authorities and passing examinations, obtaining specifications

with minimum encumbrance to the Customer.

For the construction of tower positions our own crane truck with the carrying capacity of 40t, with the reach of up to 40 m, is used.

During the creation of cellular facilities are created the delivery of a wide range of engineering equipment is provided:

• electricity,

• air conditioning,

• fire alarm and suppression systems

• antenna feeders.



Consulting involves the provision of services to the client in the following areas:

1.Customer consultations at all stages of a communication facility creation an development of the concept (strategy) of a facility creation, including:

• Development of generalized tactical and technical requirements to the structure and composition of a communication facility

•formation and collection of baseline data, the development of JOI to create a communication system

• choice of variants of a communication facility

• Development of technical specifications for the creation and design of networks and communications facilities, the requirements for the formation of the elements of the system.

2. Execution of permits at competent public authorities, including:

• Obtaining for the benefit of a customer of approval documents from public agencies of local and government level, at all stages of creation of a communication facility.

• Obtaining technical specifications and assisting customers when connecting a communication facility to energy systems.

• Development and design of sanitary certificates for communication facilities with radio-electronic means

Using the extensive experience, the best option of engineering solutions to create a communication object is developed in accordance with the specific needs of each customer.

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