The company “Strommontazh” is actively engaged in design work, using the potential of its own design department (about 15 specialists). We develop the projects of the building and reconstruction of the following types of objects for our customers:
  • Base stations for mobile communication operators;
  • Objects of manufacturing and industrial usage;
  • Communications (water, heat, electricity, gas);
  • Trunk and local fiber-optic communication lines (FOCL);
  • URS (unattended regeneration stations), MSI (Mobile Switching Center – communication switching centers);
  • The foundations of high-rise buildings and structures;
  • The inspection of the existing buildings, structures and the calculation of the load-carrying ability of its elements and the object itself in general;
  • The Internet network;
  • Reconstruction and computation loads.
The company “Strommontazh” performs the projects of any complexity, the problem ones, the original, due to our highly skilled designers and just due to a habit – not to retreat. Depending on the experience gained over the years, having major customers with the names wellknown, we can claim that our projects currently are one of the best deals in CIS.