IT Companies

Almost every company including IT-companies faces the challenge of selling their services. Looking for potential customers on the Internet, a company loses a lot of time, given that the practice is not the most effective. Often one or two people are in charge of this and in some companies such positions do not even exist. Then how can one organize the marketing activities of the company so that it could stay afloat in this vast ocean called the Market? There is a solution In fact, the answers to this question are many. For example, you can hire a marketing company or an advertising agency that will hold promotional activities aimed at a specific target market … But you are bound to deal with the high fees for their services, sufficiently long periods of advertising campaigns (+ time to develop the company). Another option is promoting IT company services in the Internet. It would seem quite a logical decision for the company directly connected with the Internet. But such a step does not guarantee you a high probability that it is your client that will “stumble” upon your ad. And the costs of both material and time are quite high. And as you remember time is money. Solution with Strommontazh We offer to solve the problem in the faster, more efficient manner together with Strommontazh company. A group of specially trained operators can make about two thousand successful calls per day, which will allow you to communicate with quite a big number of potential customers directly. Remember that communication with people makes a customer use your services better than reading a dead advertising text. Besides calls to potential customers, Strommontazh can maintain communication with existing customers. Provision of information about new services, promotions, discounts, product improvements, surveys about the wishes, surveys of wishes, opinions about the use of your services. We are ready to provide you with daily reports on the work performed; furthermore, you will be able to introduce corrections to the already ongoing process.