Metal Construction

Metal construction, Prefab buildings. Non-standard products.

Metal fabrication, design, installation.

Enterprise “Strommontazh” offers custom design, metal fabrication and installation of steel structures of any complexity and purpose, from building metal and frame structures, metal, up to products with the use of the forged elements, made for individual designs and requirements. As well as developing non-standard products, equipment, devices.

Design work.

Our design department is developing all project documentation necessary for the manufacture of metal under the CM and CMD, also carry out the work on the development of non-standard equipment, machines.


Metal processing is performed on modern equipment. The workshops are equipped with bending, felling machines, rollers, presses, a lathe and milling equipment, welding machines.

A multi-level quality control of products eliminates the chance of release of products that do not meet the required quality.

All the surfaces of metal and products are pre-abrasive cleaning of possible corrosion, before painting designs is precoating the metal anticorrosive primers. Depending on the need may be formed protective and decorative coating method “powder coating”.

Erection work:

Installation of metal at the site by the specialists who have been trained and have the relevant qualifications.

The range of our services, designed and manufactured products is quite diverse:

• Fabrication and erection of steel structures.

Beams, columns, framing, bearing frames of buildings, sheds, attic floors, bearing roof structures, trusses and other structures with elements gnutosvarnyh profiles.

• Frame construction.

Administrative, domestic and commercial buildings. One-or two-level building for different purposes – for shop, salon, retail outlet.

• Small architectural forms.

Cabins, administrative and economic units, also with the possibility of two layers, device structures made of blocks.

• Steel structures for houses, villas, garden.

Gates, fences, railings, grilles, balconies, metal stairs. Garden furniture, benches, swings, slides. Greenhouses, frames for household plants, grapes.

• Greenhouses, conservatories.

Fabrication and installation of greenhouses and conservatories. Design, 3D visualization.

Prefab buildings. Pavilions.

We manufacture and assemble frame, prefabricated buildings. Including hangars, manufacturing or warehouse space, sports buildings, shopping halls, fuel filling stations, service stations, administrative offices. Depending on the purpose of the building it can be a one-or two-level structure, exterior walls can also be made with or without insulation.

A two-storey laboratory building.

scarlet architectural forms

Manufacturing of administrative, management, trading blocks, stands with the possibility of two layers, the device structures of the blocks, modules, cabins.

Indoor and outdoor unit dwelling may be varied. On request, we can perform any finishing material: outer – profiled sheet, cluster systems, siding, natural wood, etc.,

inner – wall paneling made of wood, plastic, MDF, chipboard finish, OSB.

The walls, ceiling and floors are insulated dog houses foam or mineral wool insulation with two layers gidrobarer.

Perform roof of corrugated sheet with a wave height of 45 mm.

All corners and junctions are faced with cover strips.

Windows on an aluminum or metalloplastkovye.

The front door is usually a metal, internal – MDF.

Construction of floors – linoleum, laminate or particle board.

Ceiling – suspended, wall paneling, particleboard.

Arrangement of wiring, installation of lighting fixtures, electrical switches.

Installation of additional equipment for showers, toilets.

The design of the unit is not allowed cold joints and as a result – the freezing of the walls, floors or ceilings, no warping from heat, or decay from moisture. All materials used are certified in Ukraine. For the products supplied are warranted for 12 months and full service.