Metal and polycarbonate arbors

Беседки металлические и из поликарбоната

Modern arbors are metal solid construction, set on a durable foundation, which are not collapsing and giving under due to environmental conditions. Metal frame is covered with antirust composition, and a synthetic polycarbonate used for shed production is an inert material, resistant to chemical, mechanical and thermal impacts. Metal arbors are durable and will serve you for decades, comparing to wooden analogs.

Беседки из металла и поликарбоната

Metal polycarbonate arbors have another advantage: polycarbonate shed is very light, and steel frame can endure overloads, as well as it is possible to make it in accordance with the customer’s desire of shape and size without any limitations.

We can produce small cozy arbor where you can hide from the sun, organize a romantic date or spend tea time with family. We also provide custom manufacturing, production of roofed pavilions, and impressive sized arbors, where the company of friends can be placed, so the rain is not going to bother you while you are on a picnic or having a party.