Metal and polycarbonate abat-jours

Козырьки из поликарбоната

Eye-catching abat-jours over the entrance – is a good choice for high-rise apartment, country houses, and company buildings.

Abat-jour is a very important detail, in many respects shaping an exterior of the house or office and an element that makes the first impression on visitors or passers-by.

Abat-jour is an element of house porch. These days, the most popular are metal abat-jours, which being eye-catching are also reliable and durable, and can be in use for many years without any special maintenance.

Forged and welded abat-jours primary function is protection of the porch and doors from the atmospheric precipitation. That’s why the choice of such N exterior detail as abat-jour must be done with all responsibility.

Also do not forget that any abat-jour should blend in with the front of the house, with its exterior. Metal abat-jours decorated with variety of artistic patterns, will be a real decoration of every building.