Window guards

Решетки на окна

Every building, even the simplest one, has windows. Windows are attracting burglars the most, especially if they have a weak frame. There are a lot of ways to protect your house from thieves, but the most reliable is the protection of it with window guards

Usually guards are put on the windows on the first floor, where burglars can get inside easily. Of course, it is not 100% guarantee that you won’t be concerned by thieves, but the window guards, nonetheless perfectly scare intruders; besides it is going to take such an afford to dismantle it without sufficient noise.

If you decided to install guards on your house windows, you probably want them to have an elegant and aesthetic design. Enterprise «Strommontazh» is ready to produce for you metal guards for windows of any complexity and with any pattern. We guarantee that the guards, produced by our experts will not give your house a prison look, but instead, will decorate it, and become a highlight of the exterior.

«Strommontazh» company experts are producing any type of guards for windows in Crimea: welded and forged, unclosing and fixed, dead and sliding, even removable. In any way, if you contact us, we will be able to fulfill all your wishes and requirements, and as a result, you will become an owner of reliable and stylish guards for the windows in your house.