Power transmission line poles

Металлические опоры ЛЭПPower transmission line poles with voltage of 220 kV can be anchor and transition type. Power transmission line poles of transition type with small angular displacement up to 15 – 30 degrees and 220 kv voltage are used in places with small loads. If angular displacement is bigger, power transmission line poles of anchor type are used, because of its rigid frame and anchor type wires fastening.

Опоры ЛЭП

Anchor type power transmission line poles with 330 kv voltage are installed on straight parts of highways to cross the engineering structures or natural obstructions. Longitudinal wire forces of wires and cables are influencing poles. The design of power transmission lines is very durable and rigid. Angular poles are installed on the angular displacement with 330 kv voltage. They are also influenced with cross component of wire and cable's tension.

Despite the fact that the power transmission line poles are the part of industrial infrastructure, accidents that are happening with them may cause serious troubles of industrial and domestic type. That is why it is important to care about power transmission poles with 220 kv voltage, to be sure it has sufficient durability and resistance to the factors of environment causing corrosion.

Galvanized poles are produced from space frame of rolled steel, welded or with bolted connection. Poles with bolted connection are suitable for hot dip galvanizing, economical to transportation due to compact package of details.

We offer power transmission lines poles coating: cold galvanizing or hot dip galvanizing (zinc coated poles) Galvanized power poles are 4% heavier.

Delivery to Russia, Belarusia, Kazakhstan and to other countries is available