Lighting poles and lighting columns

Опоры освещения Outdoor lightening piers


Street lighting is a necessary condition of vital activity of every settlement, and especially of life in big cities. Security function, decoration and gaining extraordinary look for different objects, including parks, gardens and squares are among advantages of street lightening. In that way it is a source of artificial extra-lightening of the streets during the night hours.

Creating appearance of every settlement outdoor lightening also provides sufficient security level on the streets, as well as traffic safety. Street lamps are turned on in the evening, either automatically or manually from the control point. Street lamps and other appliance are used for outdoor lightening.


Galvanized metal lighting poles

Опоры освещения оцинкованные

3-12 m high galvanized metal lightening poles. Designed for installation on the highways, city streets and squares, etc.

Metal lightening poles (power, park, high mast lights, decorative), are designed to support static in the lighting equipment (spotlights, lamps) with the help of metal brackets.

Lighting poles are produced from durable materials and sustains the load of all of the lighting construction.

Off the shelf and in order available. Own production. Discounts. Delivery to all regions of Ukraine and worldwide. Lightening poles can be completed with solar and LED panels.