Rapidly erected buildings

Быстровозводимые здания

Rapidly erected assembled buildings (BMZ) – this is the best way of efficient and very rapid construction of agricultural and industrial buildings, public facilities for civil use (shops, houses, offices, sports and shopping centers). Construction of such buildings in Crimea has the following advantages:

  • • Quick and easy installation;
  • • Construction of a light foundation;
  • • Usage in conditions of various climates, and in the areas with high seismic activity

Быстровозводимые здания

Rapidly erected buildings are constructed in short terms and manufactured from modular universal design. Its construction does not require a lot of labor and specialized equipment.

Rapidly erected buildings are mobile constructions that can be mounted on any surface: on the ground, concrete slabs or macadam.

Houses that were built with modules can be up to 3 floors height and have any extension.

Rapidly erected buildings are very simple in use, because the internal layout of the premises can be of any design, in accordance with requirements and desires of the customer. Arbitrary arrangement of doors and windows helps to give individuality in exterior for rapidly erected buildings. Interior and exterior design makes it possible for rapidly-erected buildings to look modern and respectable

Rapidly erected buildings are equipped with all the necessary for life support systems (electricity, water, sewage, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, etc.).

The usage of high quality materials and technical equipment during all stages of manufacturing of rapidly erected buildings makes them durable and reliable.