Small architectural forms

Small architectural forms Manufacturing of administrative, management, trading blocks, stands with the possibility of installation in two tiers, the arrangement of block structures, personal services facilities. Indoor and outdoor arrangement of a personal services facility can be varied. At customer’s option we can perform finish with the use of any materials: outer – shaped sheet, cluster systems, siding, natural wood, etc., inner – wall paneling made of wood, plastic, MDF, chipboard finish, chipboard, OSB. Walls, a ceiling and floors are insulated with foam plastic or mineral wool heat insulator with two layers of moisture penetration barrier. We install a roof of shaped sheet with a wave height of 45 mm. All corners and junctions are faced with cover strips. Windows installed are aluminum or metal-plastic. A front door is usually metal, internal ones are of MDF. Floor arrangement – linoleum, laminate or chipboard. A ceiling is suspended, battened, made of chipboard. Arrangement of wiring, installation of lighting fixtures, electrical switches. Installation of additional equipment for showers, toilets. The design of the unit does not allow cold joints and as a result – the freezing of walls, floors or ceilings, no warping from heat, or decay from moisture. All materials used are certified in Ukraine. For the products supplied warranty for 12 months and post-warranty service are provided.