Building trusses

Металлические фермы

Construction truss is a system of rods attached to each other with connection elements. In contrast to the beams, building truss is much more efficient and profitable.

Строительная ферма

Consumption of steel for the manufacture of trusses is much lower than for manufacturing of solid metal constructions. The strength and reliability of the truss is out of any doubt. Depending on the load, the truss can be plane or spatial. In the first case, the metal rods are placed in the same level. That is why it is necessary to consolidate them additionally, so the load is not going to be a reason of displacement.

Spatial trusses are more durable and perfect. But manufacturing of such products requires much more time. For the production of metal trusses, our company uses only high-quality steel of special grades. Due to the strength of structures they can be used in all fields of construction

We will produce for you any type of truss constructions on order. If the order is large, you will get a good discount and better terms of partnership