Installation work

Operation or support of installation work, supervision and execution of test

The service includes:
  • Inspection of the site of installation, making inspection reports with the definition of the requirements for the placement of nodes, routing of electrical and optical components, wires, electrical interfaces and necessary supplies and related materials.
  • Startup and initial configuration of equipment.
  • Local testing sites after installation based on the documentation requirements of the manufacturer.
  • Integration of finished units to the existing infrastructure of the customer.
  • Installation of control systems and the connection of the control.
Enterprise “Strommontazh” also distributes and creating Wi-Fi networks, enterprise and carrier-class, and the development of wireless solutions. Wireless – an alternative to wired communications – provide data, when it is impossible to do with traditional cable technology. Required list of work before they are conducted in line is the subject of separate agreements. The company also has extensive experience in the installation of various telecommunication equipment of various standards. To clarify the possibility of the installation work, call: 0652 480755 or send your request to Email newsletters