The company “Strommontazh” is engaged in construction (reconstruction) of the objects on “turnkey” basis. The primary point of this activity is legalization, that is legal foundation, the complex of permissions and documentation regestration of the object. We have paid a lot of attention to legalization in any building process, and we can say with confidence that our company is competent in these matters.

Our company employees are highly trained specialists who qualified to solve the problem of legalization.

Everyone (or any organization) who at least once tried to register documents for the building or reconstruction realizes that the process is extremely complicated, it demands a lot of costs and the participation of the specialists who thoroughly master the legal framework, skills and best practices. The frequent changes of the laws in our country, the constant conflict between them, all that demand the continuous tracking of changes, understanding the interpretations and methods of applying the legislation. Our experts have learned to respond and adapt flexibly and efficiently to these realities, which allows us to prepare documents for very complex tasks and conditions.

We perform the legalization work on the basis of the agreement with the customer (we act on his behalf) and it implies the following activities:

  • Sites searching and the conclusion of the land lease contracts;
  • Restoration, renewal, changes and amendment of the documentation during reconstruction;
  • Designing and legal coordination of the project documentation;
  • Registration of the permits and conditions of the work with any objects, including architectural monuments;
  • Receiving the “Declaration of the beginning of the construction work” and the “Declaration of the object readiness for exploitation.

Thus, our customers receive a full package of documents at the moment of the completion of the construction, enabling absolutely legally to exploit the object.

The company ” Strommontazh ” can really be proud of the level of the legalization work and the ability to conduct it in a short period of time and without any further problems for our customers.