Renting and leasing of base stations

In the period from 1998 to 2012, the most popular price of goods and services increased as follows: • Bread – price increased by 8 times; • Milk – price increased 6 times; • 92 th gasoline – the price increased by 9 times; • The drive to the Metro – the price has increased by 11 times. Thus the cost of the average minutes of conversation on a cell phone has decreased by 17 times. Due to the rapid development of the mobile market and lower yields telecom enterprise “Strommontazh” offers mobile operators and broadband operators to the following services: -Rent radiotower for base stations in the Crimea. Large-base sites for equipment (own sites and partners) -Flexible lease terms -Ability to perform complex operations -Ability to perform work under a “key” – installation support and maintenance. Leasing of base stations Leasing – a legitimate opportunity to reduce your taxable: • Payments under a lease agreement regarding the payment of interest and fees are included in the gross costs of the company – it reduces income taxes. • The lessee receives a tax credit for VAT with the entire cost of the leased asset, paying only the down payment. • On receipt of property lessee puts it on the balance sheet and depreciation is calculated as the accounting and tax accounting. Features of leasing radiobashen base stations: • Timing of financing – up to 3 years. • Different versions of the lease payment schedule, including seasonally adjusted traffic base station. • Equipment is recorded on the balance sheet of the lessee as fixed assets. • A full range of construction and maintenance, including scheduled and emergency repair work.