4-Legged Angular Towers


Available in heights of 30 to 100 m
  • Designed for medium to heavy loads
  • Designed for primary cellular and MW backbone sites or central communication hubs
  • Lower freight cost due to freight efficiency
  • Available with a large variety of accessories that can be easily mounted at any stage
  • Enables easy reinforcement of legs at the site
  • Modular design to fit a specific site design and enable last-minute modifications

Advantages of self-supporting tower

  • Opportunity to host multiple operators
  • Leasing possible
  • Customized design and structural detailing
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Eco-friendly, Construction friendly

Tower Features

  • Designed for 42 m/s wind loan fully operation
  • Designed to fit antenna equipment 8 square. M or more
  • Quick and easy installation


  • Working and rest platforms
  • Horizontal cable gantries
  • Antenna mounts
  • Anti-climb guard & other safety devices
  • Paint kit (ICAO standards)
  • Obstruction lighting system (ICAO standards)
  • Lightning protection kit

Optimal Height

30 to 100 metres


  • Legs ST 52-3
  • Braces and plates ST 37-2


Bolts (ISO 8.8, SAE Grade 5, or ASTM A-325) + flat washers, nuts and spring washers (5% hardware overage)

Anti-Corrosion Treatment

All steel elements can be hot-dip galvanized (ASTM A123)

Paint kit (white/red)


Anchor rods (ASTM F1554) used with leveling nuts and a positioning template


  • Caged or open ladder with safety climbing line or rail
  • Vertical cable hangers


Standard 20' to 40' ISO container


  • Detailed packing list
  • Installation & maintenance manual
  • Foundation design

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