Cell on Wheels


Cell on Wheels

Strommontazh Cell on Wheels (COW) Mobile Towers have been designed to provide quick, convenient communication  ystems offering cost-effective construction solutions which can be rapidly deployed at a mobile site in under two hours. Perfectly suited for temporary cellular sites such as special productions, unusual events or disaster areas, Strommontazh COW systems provide high-quality, on-demand communication capabilities for a wide range of needs. The Strommontazh on Wheels systems come readily equipped with a convenient diesel generator as well as a complete air conditioning and lectricity system аnd can be painted on your corporative colours

  • 2mm steel wall
  • 50 mm thermal insulation layer
  • IP63 protection
Optimal Height:

6 to 12m


Standard 20′ to 40′ ISO container

  • Detailed packing list
  • Installation & maintenance manual

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