Our Facilities

Construction Projects

  • Reconstruction and renovation of the premises under the switching center of JSC “MTS” in Sevastopol area 490 sq.m.
  • Design hotel in the ARC village. Peaceful 1200 sq.m.
  • Reconstruction of the building and renovation of facilities in Simferopol for club and studio 300 sq.m.
  • Design and renovation of premises for a shop in Sebastopol 400 sq.m.
  • Construction of packing plant Simferopol pasta factory 1500 sq.m.
  • The reconstruction of the facade of the building and the library Tauride National University. VI Vernadsky
  • Reconstruction of the investigation department of the Republican Prosecutor’s Office 400 sq. m.
  • The reconstruction of the facade prosecutors Crimea
  • Assembly plants Simferopol Machine Building Plant 5000 sq.m.
  • Assembly plants Nicholas Machine Building Plant 8000 sq. m.
  • The construction of the sliding canopy Concert Hall “Anniversary” Yalta
  • Construction of a building and an administrative building company in Simferopol 2200 sq.m.

Реконструкция офиса МТС

Фасад офиса МТСЭскиз офиса МТСОфис МТСОфис МТС


We have builtower

We have built 
more than 1,400 
cellular cities

Building of the 
infrastructure for 
the wind turbines 

More than 200 km. 
of the fiber 
optic lines







More than 60 psc. 
of the already built 
and reconstructed 
objects of the 
Industrial property


More than 80 km2 
of coverage on 2.0 
Hotspot technology


We have built 
2 data centers 
in Crimea






thousand km2

Of the real estate 
were constructed for 
46 years. Up to 100 
tons of metallic constructions 
we manufacture monthly

More than 10 basements
for the cableways and 
for the bridges were built

Installation of the 
three video boards








Spatial grid truncated pyramid of square section of belts and a single-angle grid.

The base of the tower is 4 m x 4 m

Service platform is at a height of 40.5 m

The total height of the building is 43 meters


The design of the pipes of variable cross section for flange connections to the area of antenna service.

The structure height is 20 m to 25 m (without extensions).

Container Bottle Tower

Base – a cylindrical container with diameter of 3200 mm;

Truncated cone up to 6 m + closed cylinder up to 9 m

The total height of the structure is 11 m to 20 m

Technology Container

Dimensions 2500x4000x2700 mm

Container complete set is agreed with the customer



Lightboxes and billboards

                                фотография-1  FullSizeRender-1-150x150 IMG_0680-300x224 IMG_0913-300x224


The cable car

                                   1 IMG_20141103_181253-225x300 IMG_20141103_181416-300x225 IPYME7lCpCI-300x199


Ropeway in Yalta

Steel bridge in the city of Yalta