Lightboxes, billboards

Production of billboards

A billboard is a separate advertising structure which can be made to order and should a customer so wish can be fitted with backlighting. Strommontazh Enterprise for many years has been engaged in the manufacture of such billboards of various sizes. The manufacture of billboards is one of the areas of business of our company. We produce both horizontal and vertical billboards, as well as one-, two-, and three-sided billboards. If you need to have a billboard, panel or stand made, do not hesitate to order it in our company and we guarantee that within the shortest possible time you will get a finished product that we will produce from quality materials, carefully and reliably. Our great experience, shops equipped with special equipment and individual approach to each customer allow us to be a company that is proud of its excellent reputation. Our company has a number of advantages over other similar companies as we have our own production base and the best skilled professionals who perform work using advanced technology. Over many years of work our company has acquired regular customers who trust it since the first time they cooperated with us they made sure that we fulfill orders seriously and in a quality manner, strictly adhering to the time limits set by the customer. In addition, we find an individual approach to each customer, and can, if necessary, advise the best variant of erection of this or that metal structure. We will be glad to make a billboard for you that will bring your company a return and thus will make you more successful and richer. Citylights. Production of citylights. A citylight is an advertising structure for indoor and outdoor use. We manufacture and install both unilateral and bilateral citylights. A citylights is a two-sided box on a leg (support) with dimensions of 1870x1280x180 mm (promotional poster area 1800×1200 mm), standard height of a support is 600 mm (varies by customer’s choice). Or a one-sided box with dimensions of 1870x1280x150 mm (advertising area 1800×1200 mm) that is mounted both on a wall and any structure supporting its weight. The citylight design makes it possible to easily and without any special skills (with a special key) open it to change the advertising information. Citylight manufacturing technology. Citylight manufacturing technology. When producing citylights, we high quality components which have approved themselves over the past 7-8 years. All citylights are initially (which is of great importance) assembled from anodized profile and on customer’s demand are covered with powder-coated paint, which adds to the service life of the structure being sold. In the standard variant of citylight production we install acryl as glass as a relatively robust and not easily breakable plastic. But by customers’ request it is possible to install triplex or molded polycarbonate on citylights. This gives maximum protection and durability of glass making it virtually impossible to break easily (with a stone, stick, arm, etc.). Individual development of fasteners is possible should a customer wish so. Areas of citylights use Most often the citylights produced by us are installed on the sidewalks of crowded streets, bus stops, street poles, which allows to provide a large number of contacts of customers with advertising placed on them. Also recently it has become very popular to install one-sided and two-sided citylights inside large shopping malls, supermarkets, cinemas. The company also manufactures and installs video citylights. In the video citylights advertising space is plasma or LCD TV. The effectiveness of this advertising is much higher. The specialists of Strommontazh have developed a special thermo-and vandal-resistant casing which can accommodate a regular plasma TV, which reduces the cost of the structure. The reproduction of commercials is controlled via LAN or Internet.



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