Water towers

Водонапорные башни

Rozhnovsky metal construction of water tower (typical water tower in the country side) is still in use in the system of water supply facilities in many towns and gardening non commercial partnerships as a tool for central water supply facilities. Despite the awkwardness of the Rozhnovsky water tower structure this tool is simple in use and highly reliable as well. With certain work conditions, this metal construction has several advantages before other types.

Water towers: construction, installation and assembling

  1. Водонапорные башниInstallation of the water tower can be provided only by construction installation contractor, licensed for installation work ( «Strommontazh» enterprise) The representative of the construction installation company can start work in construction only with site work execution program completed (PPR).
  2. The assembly of the integrated elements in a single structure and welding works must be performed on the solid ground in a level position. Further, strapping positions and ways are specified according to site work execution program. Assembling and installation of water tower on the concrete foundation is performed by «Strommontazh» assembly workers with hoisting devices (cranes)». After the installation of the water tower vertical position is checked with surveying instruments. Rozhnovsky water tower assembling, lover level of vertical deviation and rules of acceptance of constructional works are done according to the rules specified in a building code (СНиП), 03/03/01. -p. 87 «Bearing and enclosing structures». After checking and adjusting of the installation of Rozhnovsky water tower, bottom of the pier is welded on embedded parts of the foundation.
  3. Hydraulic test is performed after construction works completed, according to a building code (СНиП), p 3.03.01-87 «Reservoir structures testing and work acceptance»
  4. In case the construction project provides external power insulation, the work in its installation is performed by assembly experts on the work ground after testing and signing of the act of water testing.

Construction and accepting of the object for operation supervision

  1. Technical supervision of the construction of the water tower is performed irrespective of the value of the object. Appropriate facilities for work are put to the production budget.
  2. Representative of the Customer, providing technical supervision, has the right and must:

Охранная зона

  • stop work and require modifications in case defects in design, law quality of work, deviations from the construction plan and specifications, are found;
  • make changes in the construction plan in consultation with the project organization, the customer and the revision inspection, approved the plan;
  • participate in a project accepting committee meetings;
  • participate in the acceptance of hidden works.


  1. Water towers that can be connected to the present water supplying system and exploited normally are accepted to the service. For the accepting to the service of Rozhnovsky water towers, constructed by ««Strommmontazh» special state or working committee is organized in accordance with a building code ( СНиП), p 3.05.04-85. 

  2. Crimean Construction organization «Strommontazh» provides to acceptance committee documents, specified in p.2.6.6
  3. Acceptance committee checks the documents by the correspondence to the actual state of the project, by measuring, sounding, leveling and interviewing of people, who accomplished construction and engineering supervision. The acceptance report with all data is delivered to the Customer, after committee has finished its work.
  4. Representatives of technical supervision of construction organization «Strommontazh» and the customer inspect the water tower before its commissioning. Wells, sewers and drainages are checked. The representatives of the construction company and the engineering supervision are checking the water tower inside, before its commissioning.
  5. Constructed piping and water towers are subjected to a water leakage test in accordance with a building code (СНиП), p.3.05.04-85.
  6. New pipelines should be recorded on the plane tables, which are stored in the technical department, as well as operational arrangements, stored in control point, indicating wells and having serial numbers. New pipelines must be authenticated with passports.
  7. During the plan management of water supply system customer must check its compliance with the issued specifications, building codes and regulations.
  8. Facilities that are subject to acceptance into service must be performed in accordance with a approved plan in compliance with all the requirements established by Building Code, specifications and other regulations.

Being installed a new tower, you are guaranteed by «Strommontazh» enterprise no break water feed to the first as well as to the last floor of the building (depending on height) even in case of power cuts.


Выбранные параметры

Число пролетов в поперечном разрезе:

Тип кровли:

Длина: м

Ширина: м

Высота: м (до низа несущих конструкций)

Толщина плиты: мм

Итого: 4 000.00

Цены даны с учетом НДС 18%

*стоимость доставки и монтажа указана ориентировочная, детальный расчёт может быть выполнен только после обследования участка строительства!
  • несущие рамы силового каркаса на этапе изготовления проходят контрольную сборку на стапелях;
  • альбомы стадий АС, КЖ, КМ, КМД, раскладка ограждающих конструкций – не оплачиваются и входят в комплект здания;
  • выезд специалиста на строительную площадку для проведения шефмонтажа – не оплачивается;
  • для разработки проекта стадии КЖ потребуется информация о геологии и геодезии участка застройки;
Дополнительные услуги:
– 5% скидка на комплект несущего каркаса при следующем заказе (срок действия неограничен)

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