Increased protection Shelter

The function of a telecommunication shelter is to protect the equipment required for a GSM/CDMA network from the harsh outside environment.

Problems faced in usual Shelter:
  • Leakage/Seepage
  • Misalignment of CAM Locks
  • Sagging of Floor
  • Structural Strength
  • Roof Blown off/Bad Roof Design
  • Higher Installation Time
  • Restricted Expandability
  • High Costs
What Is Increased protection Shelter?

Increased protection provide best possible protection from the environment, best protection in installing the integrated equipment, with unmatched quality and quick time.

Advantages of Increased protection Shelter:
  • Vandal and natural disasters protection
  • Rooftop and Ground based application
  • MULTLOCK mechanism
  • Watertight and dust proof
  • Customized detailing
  • Self load bearing
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Eco-friendly, Construction friendly
  • Parasite/fungi/moth/vermin proof
  • 50 years warranty

Shelter Features

Shelter wall:
  • 2mm steel wall
  • 50 mm thermal insulation layer
  • IP63 protection
  • 2400х4100х2700 or custom
  • 2600 kg weight
Shelter Floor
  • Customized floor loading designs
  • Customized structural grid design for rigidity
  • Antistatic Vinyl Flooring
  • Special Anti-Leak design
Shelter Door:
  • Doors are insulated panels of approximately 1mtr wide and 2mtr in height. Customized sizes can be made.
  • The doors are factory fitted to the main panel to ensure stability and aesthetics
  • The door is fixed in a special frame fully reinforced and suspended with industrial hinges and field utility handle
  • The door panel has a double gasket to ensure sealing from water/air leakages
  • The three position lock system ensures a high degree of safety, firm and stable locking
  • Locking arrangement has multi key facility

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