Catering business

In the era of market economy the ability to organize the information activities of a company is very important, especially for catering companies. The search of suppliers of raw materials with more favorable terms, consumers, loyal customers. With the advent of such services as business lunches, the possibility of acquiring large customers have increased, but the problem is the ability to remain competitive remains. Existing solutions Today catering companies are increasingly turning to advertising agencies to promote their services. Billboards, advertising on the Internet, promotion … The space is filled with this type of advertising, and company management have neither time nor inclination to study each offer to find the best option. Solution with Strommontazh Together with Strommontazh you can find a unique method of promoting your product and finding large regular customers. A group of specially trained operators can make about two thousand successful calls per day, which allows to contact a sufficiently large number of potential customers directly. Thus, you save your time and the time of your clients, which also plays an important role in successful marketing activities. In addition to the search of consumers, Strommontazh offers you to stay in touch with existing customers. Information about new promotions, discounts, services, payment systems, etc. with the help of our call-center. And resorting to the “Ordering” service, you’ll get systematized, analyzed information about orders. We also invite you to analyze the information and create a database of various suppliers in the market of raw materials you require. You will have the opportunity to monitor the quality of customer service; we are also provided with reliable suppliers of communication, which ensures continuous performance of your tasks.