Banking institutions share the same problem – the receivables. During nearly all of its history banking has to look for ways to get their money back. But a bank’s assets will not grow if you do not bring in new clients and advise them competently. Therefore, for the successful organization of banking, one just needs to find the best way of presenting information to the public. Due information of customers is one of the most important keys to successful development. A properly advised clients will continue to bring profit to a bank… Existing solutions: At present, banks are increasingly forced to resort to debt collection services. This method is undoubtedly effective, but having resorted to debt collection services, a bank will not be able to obtain the debtor’s debt in full. To achieve positive results, solving their problems with accounts receivable with the help of collectors, is extremely difficult. There are lots of ways of presenting information. Billboards on the streets, promoters, advertising on TV. It is up to you to decide which of these methods is the most effective. In any case, you will let the consumer know about you. The question is still only the time, the amount of money and effort spent. Solution with Strommontazh … Having made the decision to deal with accounts receivable with our help, you will always succeed in the developed business. A group of specially trained operators can make about two thousand successful calls within one business day, which will allow your bank to notify debtors of the existing debt and demand to pay it as soon as possible. With this approach a bank will be able to quickly and efficiently notify a large number of debtors of their debts, while reserving the opportunity to receive the debt in full. The problem of information can easily be solved by mass calling to potential customers by specially trained operators and with the help of an interactive voice menu (IVR). Resorting to the unique capabilities of a call-up to the subscriber, the chance that a subscriber will receive the necessary information multiplies. As for existing customers, it will be appropriate to use the services of SMS informing. Receiving text messages on their mobile phones, your customers will always be informed in time about new offers of the bank. At your request, the staff of Strommontazh CC can organize independent service to monitor the quality of your institution. With this service, there is no trouble to find out the opinion of the customers that have already used the services of your bank. CC operators will regularly call the customers of your bank to determine the degree of  satisfaction and customer feedback. All results will be recorded in accordance with a specially designed questionnaire. Subsequently, all data will be transferred directly to you, which will help create an objective picture of the customers’ attitude to the bank.